Tuesday, November 15, 2011

style inspiration: cher

Pin It anyone who knows me knows that i have a serious lady crush on the one and only cher.  i think it happened when i first saw the half breed album cover and i was like why is this not what my life looks like?   i would say that i've taken more than a few style cues from 60s and 70s cher.  lots of native american jewelry, tons of turquoise, long hair and great earrings, rings galore, fringe, etc.  i love how cher was and is still always pushing style boundaries and how she made essentially costume dressing seem effortlessly cool.  i love that she draws inspiration from so many different cultures, you might even say from far and wild...
pretty much the greatest album cover of all time.
love that denim on denim action.  and those layered necklaces.  this could be a street style shot from today and it would still be cool.
the texan in me loves cowboy hats always.  
dripping in turquoise, i'm jealous.
i need this necklace/bracelet/ring combo.  now.
how is it that this looks totally normal on her?  i love that she can make a white rick james wig look fashionable.
i would wear this outfit everyday.  i love the necklace she has on here. 
cher even makes a muumuu look amazing.  and how amazing is that box she's standing next to?
i need a room like this.
stunning.  that neckline and those hoops.  swoon.
gotta love an avedon.  and chunky bangles. 
i love that whole half breed look.  and again she makes this look totally wearable and not totally costume.

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