Tuesday, November 8, 2011

happy birthday to me!

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it was my birthday last week and in keeping with my tradition i set a few goals for the coming year and treated myself to something sparkly.  my goals for my 25th year include: more yoga, less processed foods, start a small business, go to africa.  pretty standard.  so that brings me to the something sparkly!  i've had my eye on this fashiontoast x dannijo siamese ring and i figured that it would be a great way to commemorate a quarter of a century on planet earth.  it just arrived today and it only gets lovelier in person!
Siamese ring
i'm debuting it today paired with my current favorite turquoise ring that i picked up at a market in Istanbul this year.
My Hand
killer combo no?  gnarly scar aside, 25 is looking pretty great! 

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