Tuesday, November 8, 2011

happy halloween

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and only 2 days late!  no costume for me this year.  i was toying around with the idea of being one of those pageant babies, toddlers and tiaras style, but the idea of bartending in a tutu and tiara all night was a bit too harrowing.  so i decided instead to just go the festive route and i wore one of my favorite finds from this summer paired with some spooky jewelry.
the dress is from this amazing boutique near our house in houston called uncle funky's daughter that sells new york funky style clothes at houston funky style prices.  aka any brooklyn girl's dream!

the jewelry is a mix of old and new.  the gold gargoyle necklace was my mother's, which she picked up from an antique market in london.  the virgin mary necklace was something i picked up from the gift shop of notre dame in paris when i was young.  i've always loved religious iconography, blame it on the catholic schooling i guess.  that's pretty much the extent of what i find beautiful about religion, blame it on the catholic schooling i guess.  the beads are evil eye prayer beads that i found at a market in cairo.  they're hand painted and amazing and i'm kicking myself that i didn't buy every strand the guy had.  guess i'll just have to go back to egypt!  that is if i ever wake up from the candy coma i induced on monday night.     

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