Saturday, March 31, 2012

something you'll (pamela) love

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all apologies in advance, this post isn't about any foreign markets.  this post is about some amazing jewelry a little closer to home, namely the amazing new york based designer pamela love's fall 2012 collection.

pamela love, jewelry designer extraordinaire.  image courtesy of
 i know i'm a few months behind on this one but news travels much slower on this side of the world.  like how i just found out that heidi klum and seal broke up.  really can't believe that one, i loved them together!  but i digress, back to the jewels at hand!  pamela love's fall 2012 collection is AMAZING and as usual i want every piece.  most of you know that i've been a massive pamela love fan from my first piece, this guy:

miss this piece, and all my jewelry!  image courtesy of
the ladies of el almacen might even remember the time that pamela love came in for brunch and i totally creeped her out by telling her how much i love her work and what a huge fan i am.  she felt the love, she never came back, but i know she felt it!  anyway this new collection just reaffirms why i love her as a designer.  i love her ability to mix different elements in her pieces like tribal and urban, gritty and delicate, simple yet ornately detailed.  there's a real art deco vibe to this season and the pieces all feel architectural and structural but with beautiful detail and pops of color.  as always there's a hint of tribal to the collection with some awesome patterns and the use of turquoise and coral.   basically she's incredible and this new season has made me an even bigger fan, and i don't care if it creeps her out, just keep the jewels coming!

the collection in its entirety or what i wish my jewelry box looked like.  image courtesty of

i love these two necklaces layered together especially since they're both such statement pieces.  the upper arm cuff is amazing.  note to self, need more upper arm cuffs.  image courtesy of

talk about a statement necklace!  i love the mix of art deco and tribal.  image courtesty of

and again with the statement necklace!  the detail here is incredible.

close up of the rings and cuffs.  i especially love the gold double finger ring.  note to self, need more double finger rings.  image courtesy of
i love how she's literally dripping with pamela's pieces.  note to self, need more pamela love!  image courtesy of
 for anyone who loves the collection as much as i do, moda operandi is giving you the chance to preorder pieces from the collection until april 3rd.  so what are you still doing reading this??  get over there!  but if you are still here check out this behind the scenes video from pamela love's design studio from fashionologie in which she talks a little bit about her inspiration for the collection.  enjoy, and for real this time next stop vietnam!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

living the cambodian dream

Pin It look at this, less than a week ago i promised y'all a cambodia update and here i am to make good on that promise!  no more month long hiatuses around these parts my friends.  famous last words, but i'm trying my best!  anyway, enough about me and more about cambodia!  it's AMAZING!  this country is a dream.  there's khmer ruins to satisfy the history nerd in me, there's amazing beaches for the sun worshipper in me (spf 50 for life though!), and best of all there are markets galore to keep the shopaholic in me busy and happy!  the markets here have been a bit of a mixed bag.  interesting fact about cambodia, everything is a delicacy here.  worms, you bet.  snakes, you better believe it.  roaches, once you pop you can't stop.  the first market i experienced in cambodia was in ban lung and it was not quite what i was expecting.  there was a lot of meat there.  most of it mystery meat still on the bone, or hoof, or head.  i could go into more detail but i think i'll spare y'all.  needless to say i didn't take many pictures there.  in fact i lasted about 3 minutes.  the things i do to find these jewels!

cambodia's equivalent of a new york hot dog stand. at least you know what you're getting at this one!  oh, but it's vermin. (image courtesy of nick's pics.)

my next foray into cambodian markets was the centrail market or psar thmei in phnom penh and it was much more successful!  the market is in a beautiful art deco building in the city center and they sell everything you can imagine here but luckily this market was organized into sections so i was able to bypass the mystery meat section and spent most of my time in the, you guessed it, jewelry section.  i didn't find as much to fall in love with here as i did in luang prabang because this market had mostly new pieces and as nice as it was to have everything sectioned off it also meant that i was able to clearly see how often pieces were being repeated.  but the indoor aspect of it was a nice break from the scorching heat outside.  not that i'm complaining, or would ever complain about scorching heat, you know i'm pro endless summer!  unfortunately ryan had to miss out on this market due to a raging case of food poisoning.  remember when i was all this country is a dream?  well as it turns out one person's dream is another's nightmare, sorry ryan!  he got food poisoning from the most innocent looking fried rice at a restaurant that also periodically brought around a buffet of snakes, beetles, and roaches to your table in case a craving struck.  you always need something salty with an ice cold angkor beer ya know?  so ya while ryan was on his deathbed i was pouncing around the market.  again, the things i do to find these jewels!  and again, um sorry ryan!

the central market in phnom penh, as lovely on the outside as it was on the inside.

amazing fashion finds at the central market!  i know i've been out of america for 3 months but i'm going to assume that style squirrel is hot right now.

the jewelry section of the central market, aka the only section that matters.  (image courtesy of asia explorers.)

after phnom penh it was onto siem reap to take in the temples at angkor and yet another market!  the old market, or psar chaa, at siem reap was a mix of produce and spices and souvenirs and knock offs.  luckily i was able to find the very ample dried fruit section and managed to get some bargains there!

the bayon, one of the temples of angkor.  good carving.  any chance of getting those artisans back to work their magic on some jewelry for me?

produce at the market in siem reap.

dried and powdered everything at the central market in siem reap.  (image courtesy of angkor road.)

well cambodia, thanks for the memories, and more importantly the jewelry!  next stop, vietnam!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

luang prabang night market

Pin It so remember when i was all hiatus explained and i'm back with a vengeance and what not and then i went on to take an even longer hiatus?  ya, sorry about that!  it turns out that this whole buying thing has been a full time job!  and pretty much every electronic i brought has failed on me.  i'm now toting around a dead iphone, a dead camera, and half dead ipod in my bag.  but on the more exciting front my bag is also full of some beautiful finds that i just can't wait to share with y'all!  i'll try to get some pictures up on here as soon as i can remedy the whole camera situation.

in the meantime, i wanted to share some photos from the amazing night market i went to in Luang Prabang, Laos.  as soon as the sun starts to set the merchants take over the town's main road and start setting up their tents and wares and everything is lit by the lights they string up, making for a most magical shopping experience.  there's nothing quite like haggling for jewels under tents of twinkling lights!

tents!  lights!  stuff!

amazing Hmong tribal antiques!  obviously one of my favorite sellers.
the most amazing silver collars!  because what good is a necklace if it can't double as a shield?  amazingly enough, even the largest ones were light as a feather.
rows and rows of baby shoes!  possibly the inspiration for far and wild baby in the future.  for now, just something to send my ovaries into hyperdrive! 

handmade skirts from traditional Hmong tribal patterns.  love that they did a mini skirt.  though probably not something you'll see the village ladies rocking.
starving after all that shopping?  good thing there's a food market as well!  granted i couldn't really name one of the things that are in those bowls.  culinary russian roulette or the joy of sampling a new cuisine! 
so we got addicted to satays in thailand and luckily there were tons of stalls doing them at the market, but this particular lady put everyone to shame.  full fish, full chicken breast, and pork something or other!  i swear she must be part texan.

so hopefully that post made you feel like you just spent the evening in laos.  sorry for the killer jet lag!  next stop, cambodia!