Tuesday, November 22, 2011

collar outbreak

Pin It one of my favorite blogs of the moment is leandra medine's The Man Repeller.  as a lover of jewelry i'm all about accessorizing whether it's a good old fashioned arm party(tm-gotta give credit where credit's due), as many rings as your fingers can handle, or an accessory you didn't even realize you needed.  enter the collar.

tan pony hair studded collar by eleven objects.  from this post.

silk twill collar with sleeves by eleven objects.  LOVE that this collar has sleeves too!  from  this post.
i first fell in love with the collar when i was working at a vintage store a couple of years ago and we got a couple of art deco beaded collars in a shipment.  it's such an easy way to add some pop to a plain outfit or to take an already stellar outfit up a couple of notches.  as a collar enthusiast i was over the moon when i saw the fruits of the man repeller's collaboration with dannijo, whose jewelry i've blogged about on here before, Mr. Dannijo.  Not one, but two stellar collars! 

you might have spotted the sinatra on none other than miss alexa chung.

alexa chung is a master man repeller so it's not quite so shocking to see her rocking some man repellant duds.  but when i was scoping around some fashion blogs today i couldn't help but be taken aback by the use of a collar by none other than rihanna.  her name is not one that comes to mind when thinking of some first rate man repellers.  in fact you might even say she tops the list when it comes to rocking some real man baiting fashions.  but here she is, adding a hint of androgyny to her feminine mcqueen tartan dress.

man repeller, it looks like you have some fans in high places!  and how great is the addition of a collar to that dress?  nailed it riri!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

style inspiration: cher

Pin It anyone who knows me knows that i have a serious lady crush on the one and only cher.  i think it happened when i first saw the half breed album cover and i was like why is this not what my life looks like?   i would say that i've taken more than a few style cues from 60s and 70s cher.  lots of native american jewelry, tons of turquoise, long hair and great earrings, rings galore, fringe, etc.  i love how cher was and is still always pushing style boundaries and how she made essentially costume dressing seem effortlessly cool.  i love that she draws inspiration from so many different cultures, you might even say from far and wild...
pretty much the greatest album cover of all time.
love that denim on denim action.  and those layered necklaces.  this could be a street style shot from today and it would still be cool.
the texan in me loves cowboy hats always.  
dripping in turquoise, i'm jealous.
i need this necklace/bracelet/ring combo.  now.
how is it that this looks totally normal on her?  i love that she can make a white rick james wig look fashionable.
i would wear this outfit everyday.  i love the necklace she has on here. 
cher even makes a muumuu look amazing.  and how amazing is that box she's standing next to?
i need a room like this.
stunning.  that neckline and those hoops.  swoon.
gotta love an avedon.  and chunky bangles. 
i love that whole half breed look.  and again she makes this look totally wearable and not totally costume.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

feliz día de los muertos

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and arguably i'm right on time on this one!  so remember when earlier today i was all, and i quote, "i've always loved religious iconography"?  well i wasn't lying.  and that might explain why i've always been fascinated with the imagery of el día de los muertos.  we had a book about it when i was young and i remember  loving the sugar skulls and beautiful colors that they used to celebrate south of the border.  it sure beat the all black motif that we went with north of the border.  so in honor of a beautiful and colorful holiday, here are a few of my favorite pieces inspired by el día de los muertos.

pamela love day of the dead single skull ring
so did i mention that i'm completely obsessed with pamela love?  so simple, but that detail!
alexander mcqueen twin skull bangle
is there any more fitting day of the year to rock some mcqueen?  i first fell in love with this cuff when i saw it on my roommate's mom's arm.  she said she would have gotten me a matching one if it weren't for the price or whatever.  what are you gonna do?  just swoon i guess.

venessa arizaga good girls necklace
love her and love this necklace.  this is for everyone who saw her sweet and vicious necklace and thought i'm gonna need more skulls.
Good girls

ilaments sugar skull crystal rose necklace
this is from lisa rocha's line of mexican inspired jewelry.  i've loved her jewlery ever since i bought her aztec gold calendar necklace.  aztec iconography meets religious inconography, sign me up!
large orange rose and sugar skull bracelet
i love that etsy has a dia de los muertos category.  as a lover of all things turquoise this really speaks to me.

happy halloween

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and only 2 days late!  no costume for me this year.  i was toying around with the idea of being one of those pageant babies, toddlers and tiaras style, but the idea of bartending in a tutu and tiara all night was a bit too harrowing.  so i decided instead to just go the festive route and i wore one of my favorite finds from this summer paired with some spooky jewelry.
the dress is from this amazing boutique near our house in houston called uncle funky's daughter that sells new york funky style clothes at houston funky style prices.  aka any brooklyn girl's dream!

the jewelry is a mix of old and new.  the gold gargoyle necklace was my mother's, which she picked up from an antique market in london.  the virgin mary necklace was something i picked up from the gift shop of notre dame in paris when i was young.  i've always loved religious iconography, blame it on the catholic schooling i guess.  that's pretty much the extent of what i find beautiful about religion, blame it on the catholic schooling i guess.  the beads are evil eye prayer beads that i found at a market in cairo.  they're hand painted and amazing and i'm kicking myself that i didn't buy every strand the guy had.  guess i'll just have to go back to egypt!  that is if i ever wake up from the candy coma i induced on monday night.     

trends i'm digging: arrows

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i'm loving the use of arrows in so many current jewelry collections.  chalk it up to my love of all things native american inspired.  according to family folklore we're 1/16th cherokee.  but i digress, here are a few of my favorites:
Pamela Love Arrowhead Rings
i don't think i could love her jewelry any more if i tried.  i love the found item element of these rings.

Aurélie Bidermann Artémis Ring
Luv AJ Arrowhead Earrings
i love how the chain looks like a fish bone.
House of Harlow 1960 Arrow Cut Out Cuff
Low Luv x Erin Wasson Arrowhead Hand Cuff
crème de la crème baby.  love this, want this, need this now!

And lastly here's a little something from my own wrist in the same direction (see what i did there?) as these beauties.
it's another one of my lovely birthday presents, only this one wasn't from me but from my boo.  he got me the catbird arrow cuff in silver and i'd say he was right on point(and again! 2 for 2 on the puns tonight!)!

happy birthday to me!

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it was my birthday last week and in keeping with my tradition i set a few goals for the coming year and treated myself to something sparkly.  my goals for my 25th year include: more yoga, less processed foods, start a small business, go to africa.  pretty standard.  so that brings me to the something sparkly!  i've had my eye on this fashiontoast x dannijo siamese ring and i figured that it would be a great way to commemorate a quarter of a century on planet earth.  it just arrived today and it only gets lovelier in person!
Siamese ring
i'm debuting it today paired with my current favorite turquoise ring that i picked up at a market in Istanbul this year.
My Hand
killer combo no?  gnarly scar aside, 25 is looking pretty great! 


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