Tuesday, November 8, 2011

feliz día de los muertos

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and arguably i'm right on time on this one!  so remember when earlier today i was all, and i quote, "i've always loved religious iconography"?  well i wasn't lying.  and that might explain why i've always been fascinated with the imagery of el día de los muertos.  we had a book about it when i was young and i remember  loving the sugar skulls and beautiful colors that they used to celebrate south of the border.  it sure beat the all black motif that we went with north of the border.  so in honor of a beautiful and colorful holiday, here are a few of my favorite pieces inspired by el día de los muertos.

pamela love day of the dead single skull ring
so did i mention that i'm completely obsessed with pamela love?  so simple, but that detail!
alexander mcqueen twin skull bangle
is there any more fitting day of the year to rock some mcqueen?  i first fell in love with this cuff when i saw it on my roommate's mom's arm.  she said she would have gotten me a matching one if it weren't for the price or whatever.  what are you gonna do?  just swoon i guess.

venessa arizaga good girls necklace
love her and love this necklace.  this is for everyone who saw her sweet and vicious necklace and thought i'm gonna need more skulls.
Good girls

ilaments sugar skull crystal rose necklace
this is from lisa rocha's line of mexican inspired jewelry.  i've loved her jewlery ever since i bought her aztec gold calendar necklace.  aztec iconography meets religious inconography, sign me up!
large orange rose and sugar skull bracelet
i love that etsy has a dia de los muertos category.  as a lover of all things turquoise this really speaks to me.

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