Tuesday, November 22, 2011

collar outbreak

Pin It one of my favorite blogs of the moment is leandra medine's The Man Repeller.  as a lover of jewelry i'm all about accessorizing whether it's a good old fashioned arm party(tm-gotta give credit where credit's due), as many rings as your fingers can handle, or an accessory you didn't even realize you needed.  enter the collar.

tan pony hair studded collar by eleven objects.  from this post.

silk twill collar with sleeves by eleven objects.  LOVE that this collar has sleeves too!  from  this post.
i first fell in love with the collar when i was working at a vintage store a couple of years ago and we got a couple of art deco beaded collars in a shipment.  it's such an easy way to add some pop to a plain outfit or to take an already stellar outfit up a couple of notches.  as a collar enthusiast i was over the moon when i saw the fruits of the man repeller's collaboration with dannijo, whose jewelry i've blogged about on here before, Mr. Dannijo.  Not one, but two stellar collars! 

you might have spotted the sinatra on none other than miss alexa chung.

alexa chung is a master man repeller so it's not quite so shocking to see her rocking some man repellant duds.  but when i was scoping around some fashion blogs today i couldn't help but be taken aback by the use of a collar by none other than rihanna.  her name is not one that comes to mind when thinking of some first rate man repellers.  in fact you might even say she tops the list when it comes to rocking some real man baiting fashions.  but here she is, adding a hint of androgyny to her feminine mcqueen tartan dress.

man repeller, it looks like you have some fans in high places!  and how great is the addition of a collar to that dress?  nailed it riri!

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  1. so amazing and classy! want that jewelry alexa has!