Wednesday, June 6, 2012

spiked and stoned

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so i was stalking around refinery29, as i'm wont to do when i feel like trying to make myself cooler, and i came across a lookbook for lady grey jewelry, the amazing jewelry line of two brooklyn (we go hard) based jewelry designers jill martinelli and sabine le guyader.  the lookbook is for their spring 2012 collection and it is beyond amazing.  i love how they put crushed bismuth stones into these neat little settings to give a raw edge to their structured geometric pieces.  further inspection led me to their website (oh hey t-rex skull necklace) and  needless to say i'm now obsessed and i've made a mental wish list of all the pieces i want.    it's only like 7 or 8 pieces, i'm not a total monster.  some of my favorites from the spring 2012 collection (all photos from refinery29):

nips out!  but you probably won't even notice those with all that beautiful jewelry to look at.  that is assuming you're female.

i love the pieces that combine the gold studs and the crushed stones.  very hard meets soft.  tough meets delicate.  sugar meets spice.

i need more fingers.

have i mentioned how much i love a good collar necklace?

one for each wrist!

i feel like this could add a much needed pop to my summer uniform of white tank and jorts.

these are begging to be put in a rihanna video.  and on my ears.


  1. omg these are AMAZING!!! Brooklyn, we go hard, we go hard!

  2. wow these are stunners. thanks for passing this on!

  3. nice post!

  4. great jewelry! love this post! xx

  5. holy shit these are amazing. don't even want to look at the price thougH! haha.