Thursday, June 21, 2012

june lust list

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so now that i've returned to the us of a or the birthplace of freedom as i like to call it (these colors don't run!), i've had ample internet time to just sit and peruse the world wide web in search of jewelry inspiration.  my days have been filled with the archives of my favorite blogs, a fair amount of juicing (thanks to the one and only judy aldridge for the life changing sweet potato smoothie recipe), and working on getting a website built that's worthy of housing all the amazing jewelry i brought back from my trip.  i'm still trying to sift through the remains of my camera so there might be a few portugal pictures in the near future.  in the meantime, i thought i would share some of my current favorite jewelry finds in today's lust list.  basically a list of pieces i need to make my summer wardrobe complete.

one: raw gemstone necklace from nallik by jean balke.  i met her in brooklyn once to discuss possibly being her intern.  she was great and i got to keep a lookbook that i go back through every now and then when i want to see beautiful things.  i love that she uses raw gemstones, it really makes every piece feel totally unique.
twovenessa arizaga crystal bone cuff (available at scout.)  before i knew venessa as an amazing jewelry designer i knew her as an amazing customer at the restaurant i used to work at in brooklyn.  she is one of the sweetest people ever and her designs are the funnest (or is it most fun?)  i love this piece in particular because it fills a void in my life.  i had the most amazing antique gold cuff bracelet that i used to wear every day.  then for some weird reason i thought for sure it was going to set the x-ray off on my way through airport security so i took it off like a frenzied idiot and never saw it again.  this cuff looks similar enough that it might save me from the black hole of grief i entered after losing my original.
three: ursa major collection by kate jones silver blanket cross earrings (available at love adorned).  the ursa major collection is what my dreams look like.  love adorned is what i want my dream house to look like.  lori levin is a genius.  the store is like a museum of wonderful things but you're allowed to buy stuff.  aka it's paradise.
four: cavern collection petrichor antler necklace/pipe: amazing.  i can't get enough of cavern collection recently.  i love the earthy, tribal vibe to all of their pieces.  their clothing is also the comfiest.  best travel pieces ever.  (i'm looking at you tusk dress).
five: katrina lapenne snake bangle.  i have a small obsession with snake jewelry.  unfortunately i think that a lot of people share this obsession, which means there's a ton of snake jewelry out there and not all of it is great.  so when something really nails it i'm all over it.  katrina nails it and then some.  her snake collection is pretty much perfect.  she uses just the right amount of serpent to keep her pieces dangerous yet delicate and great for everyday wear.
six: unearthen flat top crystal rings (available at bona drag).  unearthen is so consistently beautiful it's insane.  gia bahm is magical.  since all the crystals have healing powers i really feel like these pieces should be covered by insurance.  well in a perfect world anyway.  a perfect world in which i even have health insurance to begin with.
seven: bario-neal shark pendant.  i am a recent convert to anna and page's amazing designs.  how perfect is this shark pendant for summer?  more importantly though, they produce their jewelry in an environmentally conscious manner.  these ladies use recycled materials, conflict free diamonds, and colored gemstones sourced through mines in the tanzania women miner's association.  LOVE that.  LOVE them.  you can read all about their company's ethical practices here if you're interested, and you should be!
eight: mania mania the source ear cuff.  i have been super into ear cuffs lately.  blame it on all that back reading of fashiontoast i've been doing i guess.  or maybe it's because i've been wanting a new piercing but haven't been able to commit to anything.  whatever the reason, these ear cuffs are doing it for me.  i really like the idea of wearing just one at a time.  although whenever i do that with earrings i always get people telling me that i've lost an earring.  and i'm all um no this is a style choice but thanks anyway.
nine: made her think stoned slave chain bracelet-bar.  who isn't lusting after meredith's designs these days?  i love the idea of the bracelet into ring for the summer when it gets too hot to fathom piling on too many pieces, (unless you're a real trouper like the man repeller, whose dedication to arm partying knows no bounds).
ten and eleven: pamela love small ellipse necklace and zellij breast plate.  (both available at bona drag here and here).  have i mentioned how much i love pamela love's spring 2012 collection?  pretty sure i have.  the zellij breastplate is a total pipe dream.  the most beautiful pipe dream ever, but a pipe dream nonetheless.  but i've already thought of like 100 ways that the small ellipse necklace could make the jewelry i already have better.  so that just seems like sound investing.
twelve: lady grey double channel ring (available at totokaelo and on sale no less!).  have i mentioned how much i love lady grey's spring 2012 collection?  pretty sure i have.  i just can't get over how incredible the gold and crushed bismuth look together.  i especially love this ring because two is definitely better than one.  at least where crushed bismuth is concerned.  and ice cream scoops.
thirteen: jessica winzelberg boulder opal and jade earrings (available at roseark).  jessica makes some of the most amazing gem stone jewelry i've ever seen.  the details are really what set her pieces apart.  i feel like with all of this heat wave talk this is going to be the summer of the top knot so i really need these earrings to spruce up said top knot.  and can we talk about how amazing roseark is?  i'm mostly moving to la just to be closer to it.


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    1. i'm glad someone else is on a gem kick too!
      number one is from nallik by jean balk and a similar one is sold at
      number thirteen is by jessica winzelberg and it is available at

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    Love #s 6 & 12, but I could totally wear the rest as well. Hope you're enjoying your time relaxing and being back in the US, and that Portugal was fab.

    Really in-depth blog - super cool.


    1. you are the sweetest, thank you so much for reading!

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  20. I really love number three, the cross earrings . They remind me of an ancient celtic stone. I don't usually wear jewelry, but I love to look at it. These are all really beautiful pieces.

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