Wednesday, May 30, 2012

trends i'm digging: evil eyes

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i'll start this post out with some tragic backstory.  my love of evil eye jewelry started around the time of my 21st birthday.  i wanted something special to commemorate what i then deemed a momentous occasion (it ended in tears but that's a story for another day).  i had my eye on (ha!) a meira t evil eye bracelet but when i went to get it they were sold out of the yellow gold and only had white gold left and my wallet couldn't exactly handle the price jump.  well if that isn't a submission to first world problems i don't know what is.  but, on to the denouement!  last year i went to istanbul and upon entering the grand bazaar all of my evil eye dreams were realized.  evil eye bracelets?  they had them.  evil eye pendants?  those too.  diamond encrusted evil eyes?  ya sure, but note aforementioned quip about wallet size.  so i sought out a bracelet similar to the bracelet that had thwarted me and left happy and well protected.  and thus my (totally healthy) obsession with evil eyes was born.  
and how lucky am i that it seems i'm not the only one and evil eye jewelry has become much easier to come by these days!  thanks in large part to the genius new man repeller and dannijo collaboration, MR DANNIJO collection.  it's got it all: evil eyes, brightly colored rhinestones, ocular puns for names.  eye think eye'm in love (ha!).  scratch that, eye know eye'm in love (ha!).

amazing!  someone's been using latisse!  MR DANNIJO eyenstein (ha!) cuff.      

it may or may not ward off evil spirits but it will at the very least brighten their day.    MR DANNIJO umbilical bracelet.

too bright for you?  try a loolee!  MR DANNIJO leelo necklace.

not bright enough for you?  try a leelo!  MR DANNIJO loolee necklace.

a statement ring and then some.  MR DANNIJO mona lisa ring.
and here are a few other pieces that i'm loving right now:
the one that started it all!  meira t sapphire and diamond yellow gold evil eye bracelet.

the master of body part specific jewelry.  and just unique, amazing jewelry in general.   delfina delettrez anatomik little bracelet.

gemstones, chains, an evil eye, what more could you want?  astley clarke evil eye friendship bracelet.

i'm as shocked as you are to find a juicy bracelet on this list of things i love.  but let's be real, who doesn't  love occasionally rocking a juicy sweatsuit when you're too lazy for real clothes?  j.lo i know you feel me boo.  juicy couture beaded friendship bracelet.

i like how this little beauty just sort of hints at an evil eye.  great if you're not ready for the full commitment.   masonharlie sydney evil eye wrap link bracelet.

i love the shape of this necklace.  plus it looks great with anything.  or absolutely nothing, as demonstrated by erin wasson.  low luv x erin wasson curved nail pendant necklace.  

a low luv body chain if you're not the necklace type.  i'm going to be doing a lot of loose tanks with body chains peeking out this summer.  low luv x erin was so evil eye body chain.   
how amazing is this necklace?  handcrafted by one of my current favorites rosita bonita, purveyors of finery and fancy i might add.    rosita bonita hands holding all seeing eye necklace.

this minor obsession necklace is a major obsession (ha!) of mine.  how perfect is that tiny diamond?  minor obsessions evil eye sparkle pendant.

delfina strikes again.  gotta love a statement earring.  delfina delettrez eye and pearl single earring.  

if you're in the mood to splurge i'm not gonna stop you.  rather i will encourage you.    and these are totally justifiable because everyone knows the only way to really ward off evil is with 52 diamonds and 14 blue sapphires.  vanessa kandiyoti evil eye drop pendant earrings.  
i love this.  how great would it look stacked with the house of harlow ring below?  guess we need both!  jennifer zeuner evil eye ring.  

have i mentioned how great this would look with the jennifer zeuner ring above?  guess we need both!  house of harlow 1960 vertical evil eye stackable ring.
you said you wanted to splurge right?  well this is the ring to do it on.    ileana makri gold cat's eye ring.

i love everything about this ring.  the crescent moon, the abalone, the fact that its adjustable to accommodate my finger swelling in the summer.  rachel roy abalone evil eye ring.
proof of my obsession.  evil eye necklace from istanbul and evil eye beads from  a market in cairo paired with a  pamela love eagle claw necklace  and a gold chain necklace of my grandma's.


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  5. I NEED the Astley Clarke evil eye friendship bracelet! Great post btw.

  6. Love all the Dannijo jewelry! Your blog makes me think more about expanding into crazier necklaces and really making jewelry the centerpiece of an outfit. Thanks for the inspiration!


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