Sunday, April 29, 2012

go global, shop local

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I promise I'll be back with a more substantial post later in the week, I hit kind of a rough patch this past week both internet-wise and life-wise.  Don't even worry, i'm currently in the process of rising from the ashes like a phoneix. But in the meantime I just wanted to say a little word about the importance of local markets. While Ryan and I were in Saigon we went to the war remnants museum, which houses exhibits about the Vietnam war. One of the exhibits focuses on the use of and the effects of "agent orange". Without getting too political, agent orange is the code name for the powerful chemical defoliant dioxin that was used by the US army during the war to clear forests. It had some pretty horrific side effects for the people who came into contact with it on both sides. More shocking than the harrowing photographs of said side effects was learning that the two major producers of dioxin in the US were Dow chemical and the Monsanto corporation. Maybe you've heard of them? Dow is nice enough to make us those cute little ziploc bags and tupperware we can't recycle (what up plastic island) and Monsanto gives us genetically engineered seeds and the bovine growth hormone. Without getting too political, um ew. That got me thinking about the importance of the local market. I talk about local markets a lot on this blog, read all the time, and while I may only highlight the more jewel laden parts of said markets, most of them also function as the main food markets in the places I visit. Farm to table isn't a trendy fad in these places, it's their way of life. Local farmers bring their goods to these markets meaning that they're freshly picked, they're the size they're supposed to be and not some freak jumbo version (thanks but no thanks graisin.), and if something's not in season or not native to the place you won't find it.  So here's a thought, maybe give the grocery store a break the next time you go to do your food shopping and find a local farmer's market instead. Addicted to your fresh direct deliveries? Sign up for a CSA subscription! Check out local harvest if you have no idea where a farmer's market near you is or you have no idea what I'm talking about with this CSA thing. So make like me and hit those markets hard and don't even think about leaving empty handed! Your local farmer will thank you, the earth will thank you, and I'll even thank you personally! The best part about markets, besides the cheese monger boyfriends (hello San Francisco farmer's market!), they're a great excuse to stock up on cute tote bags!  Here are a few of my current favorite to get you excited for your next market run.

The aptly named farmer's market tote from j.crew.

retro woven bag from Bamboula for Madewell . And the best part, the bags are imported from Kenya fair trade style. Something I can definitely get into!

Love this woven bag from free people. The black and white will really let your bright fresh produce pop! 

A farmers market is the perfect way to get back to your native roots. So is this river island Aztec print shopper from asos!

Another retro basket bag.  Can you believe this puppy is from Old Navy?  Maybe Molly's been right all along and ON really is the epitome of cool...
More of a canvas tote person? Nastygal's got you covered with their awesome zodiac tote! 

And so does etsy thanks to their Ola liola print totes! Obviously I can't get enough of the feather jewelry print bag 

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