Thursday, April 12, 2012

the brilliance of mr. newton

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and i'm not talking isaac.  i wanted to take some time to share one of my fashion, and by fashion i obviously mean jewelry, inspirations with y'all, the incomprable mr. newton aka one of my favorite street fashion bloggers ever.  in a weird turn of events mr. newton actually found me two years ago.  i was walking to a friend's bbq in williamsburg one summer afternoon when a man stopped me and asked if he could please photograph me because he loved my floral dress and the light was perfect.  he followed this up with, "i swear i'm not a creep, i have a street fashion blog" and gave me a card with his website on it, or the golden ticket to street fashion as i like to think of it.  he took a couple of photos and asked if i could maybe make my hands a little less awkward and try to look a little more comfortable in front of the camera.  turned out no could do and needless to say i was never featured on his blog.  so while a street fashion star wasn't born that day a die hard mr. newton fan was.  living in new york and especially williamsburg is a fashion lifeline for me.  i once did an online interview for fader when they did a feature on new york shop girls, which went a lot better than the doomed mr. newton photo shoot mostly just because there were no cameras involved, and they asked me what my main source of fashion inspiration was.  i told them the subway and i stand by that to this day. so you can imagine how frustrating it can be to be on the road and cut off from my lifeline.  enter the street stlye blogger aka my saviour abroad.  while i have a number of go-tos to sate my need for inspiration (here's looking at you the sartorialiststreet peeper, and citizen couture) mr. newton has remained a favorite.  maybe it's the attainable feel to the looks featured, maybe it's the beauty of the photography, or maybe it's just the fact that everyone looks happy.  whatever it is i just hope he keeps it up because my awkward hands and i would be lost without him!    

fur sleeves and copious amounts of silver jewelry.  this is what dreams are made of.

here's a play by play of how i took this photo in.  that necklace!!  those bracelets!!  that skirt!!  those shoes!!  basically utter perfection.  the turquoise bracelets with the coral leather skirt is beyond inspiring.

oh hey boo!  this makes me want to finally actually go to siren festival instead of just saying that i'm gonna go to siren festival.  i love the all black with the pop of the white watch.  love how she turned a wrist band into an upper arm band. 
don't worry, this is just the first of a whole lotta morgan wendelborn you'll be seeing on here. 

love her bracelets.  and her boots.  and her purse.  

oh to be beautiful, french, and heiresses to the clarin cosmetics fortune.  it's pretty much a recipe for always nailing it. 

i'm hitting the hardware store as soon as i get back to america in search of a chain that big.

all images taken from mr. newton's amazing blog


  1. Gorgeous gems and cute blog! I am obsessed with jewelry myself so I def can relate to you on that topic. I see you dig tribal jewels, check out my shop! Beautiful one of a kind pieces. Ciao!!! xo

    1. your shop is amazing! i have my eye on that flower girl necklace and i just might have to make it mine when i get back to america...thanks so much for sharing!

  2. cute!!!