Friday, February 8, 2013

the return of nyfw

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at this point i've neglected this blog for so long that i don't even have a legitimate excuse for my absence.  in the time i've been away a new year has started.  so far i've done some traveling though this time to rediscover some of the same places i already love, america elected the same new president, i'm back in new york and working at the same job, and it's fashion week again.  as they say in asia, same same but different.  my thoughts exactly on 2013.  more of the same but with a new chance to approach things differently and hopefully better.  there's lots that i'm putting on that list, namely this blog, but who has time to chat about such things when there is a fashion week (and blizzard) swirling around us as we speak.  and in spite of nemo (sidenote have blizzards always had names or did they just get jealous of hurricanes?) fashion week is indeed in full swing so let's get down to brass tax here and discuss everything silver, gold, and sparkly.
in a very exciting lead off to this nyfw dannijo presented their fall 2013 collection, which they entitled "vanities".  the collection was inspired by 80s opulence and the ultimate bastion of said opulence, dame elizaebth taylor.  you had me at dannijo but now you're really speaking my language.  any collection that takes inspiration from elizabeth taylor is obviously going to favor well with me and this collection is no exception. the presentation was amazing.  they transformed the jane hotel into an old hollywood boudoir and between the setting, dresses, and jewelry i couldn't get enough.  i can't wait to translate that old hollywood vibe into my everyday wardrobe and maybe do a little grunge meets glam.  i'm thinking dannijo meets pamela love meets far and wild.  i'll provide the meeting place.  spoiler alert, it's my bod.

from  in the favorites department this necklace was runner up.
from W magazine.
from @dannijo instagram.
from @dannijo instagram.
from @dannijo instagram.  and here we have #1.
from @dannijo instagram.  i spy a man repeller.  and a seriously amazing dress on danielle.
from @dannijo instagram.  i'm hoping if i stare at this picture long enough the whole collection will end up on my dresser.
 and now for some more fashion week excitement of the more affordable nature.  prabal gurung for target.  need i say more?  probably not.  will i anyway?  of course.  i'm pretty stoked on this colloboration and for once it's not entirely due to jewelry.  for this one it's the shoes.  never tell my jewels i wrote those words.  but the jewelry ain't half bad either and it's actually rather fitting that it's debuting right around the same time as the new dannijo collection.  love the floral necklaces but hate the price tag?  prabal's got you covered.  wanna put a bib on it but haven't made much scratch since you wore bibs?  prabal's got you covered.  love the carnival like atmosphere or fashion week but wish that it was an actual carnival?  prabal's got you covered.  to celebrate the collection's february 10th launch prabal and target took over pier 57 and turned it into a carnival complete with rides, games, and food marking the only time most of the attendees were ever in the same vicinity as funnel cake. 

from vogue.
from refinery 29.

from refinery 29
from refinery 29.

from refinery 29.  do you feel me on the shoe front or what?
from vogue.


  1. love that necklace from refinery! super awesome! xx

  2. bahah

    this post kills me in so many ways.

    First of all: WELCOME BACk gurrrliola.

    like ariola


    at all


    Seriously, though. I'm thrilled that you're blogging again. I've missed your voice, your quick sense of humor and your sharp little wit.

    "wanna put a bib on it but haven't made much scratch since you wore bibs?" Why yes, how nice of you to ask. I do. Of course, you'll murder me for saying so, but I actually FORGOT to look at the jewelry collection part of the PG for T collection while at T. They should house the whole shindig together, not split it up. Did you end up getting anything? I was particularly fond of the crystal set. What about the shoes? I promise I won't tell the jewels.

    "You had me at Dannijo". Oh man, it's always a bit painful to see the things I"ll never have. Would really appreciate it if you started designing your own line of jewelry and combined all of these inspiration elements into some cohesive works of art. I'd buy 'em, no questions.

    And Danielle's dress is out of this world.
    Alien esque. Those girls have the strangest/coolest/strangest style.