Wednesday, October 10, 2012

at the end of america

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so i totally got distracted by all the beautiful, shiny things from nyfw and i left you with a total cliffhanger as to the status of my roadtrip!  did i ever make it to the grand canyon?  did i fall in?  assuming the answer to the aforementioned is no, then did i make it to california?  why was i even going to california?  well allow me to allay your fears and answer all of your questions. 
 after new mexico, the grand canyon was indeed in the cards for me and it was EPIC!  it's one of things that you can see a thousand times in pictures and still not be totally prepared for it like the taj mahal or machu picchu.  but unlike those your mind can't totally comprehend what you're seeing.  or maybe that's just my mind?  nature blows me away in a way that feats of humanity just can't.  like great job human race, you built some shit but look at what nature can do!  ghosty came along for the ride and to be honest she didn't really seem quite as impressed by the whole thing.

feeling small and/or reliving my near death experience from the previous photo.

ghosty, america's bravest dog.

after the grand canyon it was back in the car and westward ho.  we crossed our last state line and made it into los angeles right as the sun was setting over in-n-out so the whole thing felt very hollywood.  my 2 months in california were spent between venice, big sur, and palm springs aka no complaints here!  venice is more than likely one of the best places on earth.  there's beach, there's sun, and you're never more than 2 minutes away from a juice.  plus abbot kinney is lined with amazing boutiques so there's jewelry to suit every taste.  all the ingredients for my personal shangri-la.  big sur marked my first ever camping trip and it's definitely something i want to be doing more of in the future.  i kind of get the feeling that camping is always better when there are hot springs, purple sand beaches, and coconut lemongrass sencha tea stalls within close proximity.  but what do i know!

we're the troop from beverly hills!

big sur.

horsing around in big sur.

so that answers the wheres and hows of it all but now on to the very exciting why!  i came to california to shoot the lookbook for the very soon to be launched first collection for far and wild jewelry!  we shot in the mojave desert in palm springs and you wanna talk about feats of nature, joshua tree is mind blowing.  but you'll see for yourself in an upcoming entry in which i finally deliver the fruits of my labor, my first lookbook to you!  and it looks like i've done it again and left you with another cliffhanger.  so to keep you sated til then, here's a petite preview of the far and wild joshua tree experience!

joshua tree.

bejeweling our model, the amazing irina.

irina laughs in the face of danger.

plenty more where this came from...stay tuned!


  1. So excited to see your lookbook! Congrats on a successful trip West! Keep it up!

  2. Realy nice photos and love the cute dog :-)

  3. OMG I'm just so excited about everything, especially since i know a lookbook is coming in the near future!! ahhhhhhhhh!!!! Your trip looks like it was amazing- sad to say, I still haven't been to the grand canyon- I really need to go!! Counting down the days until your lookbook- your amazing photos + awesome jewels= perfection!!

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  4. Love your jewelry!

    xoxo Demi

  5. what great photos.. i want to be at that canyon overlooking scenery toO!


  6. These are gorgeous pictures and it looks like your trip was a lot of fun!


  7. Wonderful pics! I love the location. It seems you had a wonderful time during the photo shoot.

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  8. Nice blog! would you mind following each other via bloglovin? :)

    Malin @

  9. wow. i'm in love with the pics! the doodadoo is totally stalking the scrats.


  10. Wonderful blogGood week....Kisses

  11. I just found you blog and I love your jewelry collection