Thursday, September 6, 2012

new mexican fiesta

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i'm just gonna throw it right out there, new mexico may or may not be the perfect state.  it's dripping with turquoise, the chiles are plentiful and actually spicy, and the deserts are insanely beautiful.  a couple of (read several) bowls of chile verde later and i'm hooked!  we drove into new mexico from marfa and it was definitely one of the most picturesque drives of our trip.  i'm starting to really get in touch with my desert side so i'm guessing there's going to be a lot of desert in my future.  i'm looking at you sonoran and mojave.  get ready for me!  so when we had to pick between the carlsbad caverns and white sands national monument it was pretty much a no brainer.  plus we're fresh off some asian cavern explorations so carlsbad you'll have to wait!  white sands was incredible to say the least.  it looked like another planet and i'm still not 100% sure I was in New Mexico and not on the moon.  There is nothing but blue skies and white sands for miles and miles and this desert rat relished it!

ghosty is amazing at everything.  including flying.

on me: vintage dress, vintage turquoise necklace, berber drop necklace coming soon to far and wild jewelry, oakley frogskins sunglasses.

after white sands it was time to trade turquoise skies for actual turquoise so we hightailed it to santa fe.  it was everything i wanted it to be.  it was delicious, it was gorgeous, and most importantly it was southwestern jewelry heaven.  i started my jewelry search around the plaza and met some really amazing artisans selling their goods from tables and blankets.  from there i decided to torture myself and go take a peek at the jewelry in ortega's.  un.real.  i dragged my jaw along the floor in there for about an hour before i left lamenting that i'm not the 1% and resentfully thanking my bank for never approving me for a credit card.  after some more wandering i ended up at a cute little store called western otter that had just relocated to santa fe from texas and specialized in vintage and fair trade jewelry.  essentially it was my spirit store in what might just be my spirit city.  i'm already trying to figure out a way to get back to santa fe but in the meantime it's on to arizona!  

trend alert, jorts!

on me: an outfit only a man repeller could love.  vintage overalls, vintage moccasins.

on me: american apparel striped bodysuit, vintage cross pendant, berber drop necklace coming soon to far and wild, beaded bracelet from a new mexican truck stop, vintage child's turquouse pinky ring from western otter, vintage silver ring, vintage turquoise and coral ring from istanbul, vintage silver cuff.

even the statues in santa fe have amazing turquoise.

if you want to see some more/far superior photos of the beauty that is santa fe, i highly recommend that you check out the lovely gaby's blog fashionable collections for her photos of her trip to new mexico.  they are stunning, mouth watering, and laden with turquoise!


  1. First of all, thank you for the shout out you're the best! Second of all, I LOVE those overalls. and third of all these photos are stunning! They make me iss new mexico so much! I love the first several ones on the sand, absolutely gorgeous.


  2. AMAZING. i recently went to NM myself, the perfect getaway. i've never seen a more beautiful place <3

  3. OK, seriously, that first set of photos is simply breathtaking...seriously. I wish you had a pin it button because I would pin them all! They look like they are an editorial shoot from vogue- not even kidding. And I love the denim overalls too- so you have person who would be just as envious as man repeller! :)
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    1. GREAT CATCH! just added a pinterest button so pin away! this is the type of feedback i love from fellow bloggers so a huge thank you for that sage advice!


  4. this desert is absolutely stunning! a striking background to your photos


  5. greeeeaaat photos! i love the one with the dog running hahah so cute

  6. amazing pictures, love each one of it !

  7. Loved your pics! A new side of Mexico indeed! Would you like to follow each other?

    Love Nyt,
    BIG hair LOUD mouth

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  11. My grandmother lived in New Mexico before her death. I miss having an excuse to visit.

  12. the desert is perfect! beautiful photos!

  13. your dog is so cute! i love your photos! now following xx


  14. Oh my god. this isn't even real. I cannot believe you were in the midst of that epic landscape. All that sand! I can't even believe placees like that exist. And you fit in so well. you look so earthy and white an d gorgeous.

    I am seriously obsessed with your blog. there is always something so inspirational on here, and it is SO UNIQUE> Nobody does what you do with jewelry, and I have such an incredible amount of respect for your taste and your aesthetic. I just love everything here.


  15. I really love your denim overalls - you look cute in it xoxo
    would you like to follow each other?

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  16. You have a great blog and you look amazing, so stylish! I'm your newest follower. Hope you have some time to step by my blog and maybe follow back :)!

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