Wednesday, March 21, 2012

luang prabang night market

Pin It so remember when i was all hiatus explained and i'm back with a vengeance and what not and then i went on to take an even longer hiatus?  ya, sorry about that!  it turns out that this whole buying thing has been a full time job!  and pretty much every electronic i brought has failed on me.  i'm now toting around a dead iphone, a dead camera, and half dead ipod in my bag.  but on the more exciting front my bag is also full of some beautiful finds that i just can't wait to share with y'all!  i'll try to get some pictures up on here as soon as i can remedy the whole camera situation.

in the meantime, i wanted to share some photos from the amazing night market i went to in Luang Prabang, Laos.  as soon as the sun starts to set the merchants take over the town's main road and start setting up their tents and wares and everything is lit by the lights they string up, making for a most magical shopping experience.  there's nothing quite like haggling for jewels under tents of twinkling lights!

tents!  lights!  stuff!

amazing Hmong tribal antiques!  obviously one of my favorite sellers.
the most amazing silver collars!  because what good is a necklace if it can't double as a shield?  amazingly enough, even the largest ones were light as a feather.
rows and rows of baby shoes!  possibly the inspiration for far and wild baby in the future.  for now, just something to send my ovaries into hyperdrive! 

handmade skirts from traditional Hmong tribal patterns.  love that they did a mini skirt.  though probably not something you'll see the village ladies rocking.
starving after all that shopping?  good thing there's a food market as well!  granted i couldn't really name one of the things that are in those bowls.  culinary russian roulette or the joy of sampling a new cuisine! 
so we got addicted to satays in thailand and luckily there were tons of stalls doing them at the market, but this particular lady put everyone to shame.  full fish, full chicken breast, and pork something or other!  i swear she must be part texan.

so hopefully that post made you feel like you just spent the evening in laos.  sorry for the killer jet lag!  next stop, cambodia!

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